Batting Cage Rentals:

The 2 permanent Batting Cages located off the lobby are always available whenever Chase Sports Complex is open. There are several options for hitting in these cages.

1. We have a fully automatic/programmable Home plate Triple Pitching Machine in one cage and a fully automatic/programmable Home plate Triple Softball Pitching Machine in another cage. Once programmed, the machines throw a new pitch approximately every 6 seconds. The machines can be stopped at any time to change batters or give instruction. No tokens are used.

2. Coaches can also borrow a bucket of balls from the office and “throw live” to their players using a baseball L-screen or softball pitching screen.

3. Other options include “soft toss” from behind a screen and use of hitting tees.


1 – hour 1/2 – hour 15 minutes
$40 $20 $15
There is a 3 batter limit for this price, there will be an additional charge of $10 for each additional batter.
Batting Cage Punchcards are available. Buy 5 get one FREE.
Tech Training Area (Only If Available)
$20 per Athlete -30 minutes on Turf (Coach/Parent No Charge) Up to 6 Athletes


Use of either one of the  batting cages
Use of the following equipment as needed:
~ Home plate Triple Baseball Pitching Machine
~ Home plate Triple Softball Pitching Machine
~ Batting Tees
~ Baseball and Softball Screens


• Limited to one person per cage at all times except when doing multiple hitting tee stations.
• All hitters must wear helmets in the cage – this includes adults!
• Minimum rental is 15 minutes.

If you schedule a batting cage and do not cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged for that time.